Hotel Brisas Guardalavaca Cuba

Hotel Brisas Guardalavaca

Brisas Guardalavaca is heaven on earth, the landscape contrasting colors turquoise seas and white sand. Snorkeling at beautiful reefs nearby will consume hours of each day. BRISAS Guardalavaca is a highly recommended hotel not just by us but also by guests who have also stayed here. The place is clean, food is great and the best beaches within short walking distance. Higher floors offer spectacular views but conversely of worse access. Your choice.

Hotel Brisas Guardalavaca Beach

You´ll be pleasantly surprised by the staff, the food and the BRISAS Guardalavaca resort itself, a large complex which also combines intimacy with a large array of activities and services. If you can afford it, stay in the villas as they offer large impressive surroundings for those who enjoy quiet days on the room terrace reading or soaking up the life below.

We recommend a walk to the public beach close by to enjoy the local pizza restaurant (Paladar) which is delicious. The resort offers bicycles to go and discover the city which is an excellent afternoon out. The surrounding areas and resort are very safe and a perfect place to get away for a family vacation. The resort had lost of activities for youngsters; snorkeling, sailing, games room, tennis courts, etc. The resort offer surprising good food, excellent seafood and fish, fruits, fresh salads, vegetables and excellent meat variety. You can even enjoy the latest Parisian pastries or international delicacies.

Hotel Brisas Guardalavaca Pool

Entertainment at BRISAS Guardalavaca is truly phenomenal. Every day 2-3 live performances of international levels, 16 member salsa band, Afro Cuban evening, even ballet is on one evening! Small groups wander around playing even when you´re eating, simply outstanding. This is a truthfully an amazing resort. The bar is great and full of friendly staff and excellent cocktails including the resort favorite called “Moonshine

So, as summary, tasty food, 100% staff, amazing beaches, excellent accommodation and stunning entertainment will have you wanting to return to BRISAS Guardalavaca time and time again.

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